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OveRx is the science of engineering professional grade sunglasses that can be worn over, or fit over prescription eyewear whilst deliver unparalleled protection, comfort and quality. The OveRx Authenticity logo found on Cocoons assures that the product meets or exceeds 16 OveRx design criterion. No other brand of OveRx polarized sunglasses delivers the experience provided by our patented Cocoons. Most importantly, Cocoons remain completely comfortable even after extended wear. The ability to manually customize the fit, the commitment to completely isolating the eyes from the elements and bathing them in a precisely regulated environment of glare and UV free light, allows our customers' eyes to relax. Eyestrain, fatigue and many impairments directly associated with the eyes, and eye health, are reduced or completely eliminated.

Creating a sunglass that can be worn comfortably over prescription eyewear is more complicated than designing a conventional sunglass. How the frame fits, what it looks like, what it can comfortably fit over, the weight, performance and the feel all have to be considered. The OveRx trademark is attached to all Live Eyewear sunglasses to signify that they meet our standards. When you see the OveRx logo, you can trust that no facet of the eyewear's design has been overlooked.

We are proud to say that Cocoons are the highest quality and most functional fit over sunglasses in the world.  We are also continually committed to improving and innovating the designs of our over prescription eyewear collections to constantly deliver more value, better performance and an ever evolving visual experience.   As with all Live Eyewear products, Cocoons are backed by the Live Eyewear Lifetime Warranty.

If you have never tried a pair of OveRx sunglasses before, or especially if you have; we invite you to experience Cocoons. 




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